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School Reports in Chatham, Harding and Madison, New Jersey
"A model of how the Internet can facilitate the process of deciding where to send your children to school"
- America's Best School Profiles by
The Heritage Foundation

New Jersey Public, Private and Charter Schools: Compare them using these top-rated, comprehensive reports.
  Schools in Chatham, Harding and Madison 

Real Estate Tips
Pricing >Competitive Pricing

You have seen it all over the years--interest rates rise and fall, sales prices escalate and decline. No matter what phase the market is in, it is always important to price your home in your area competitively. How can you price your home with confidence?

The first step is to contact a professional real estate agent for a comparative market analysis. The agent will look at recent sales of comparable homes in your area and give you information about other properties that are currently on the market. By comparing the size, location and condition of your home to the competition, your agent can help you determine how much to ask for your home. Even in an active market, an inflated price may frighten prospective buyers away. A house that is over-priced can take additional weeks or months to sell, and the final sale price may even be lower than if the sellers had started out more realistically. The price is based on market conditions, comparable sales, and your agents years of experience in the marketplace.

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Real Estate Trivia
Who received the largest land grant ever given to an English subject for only two beaver skins per year?

William Penn, the Quaker leader, received Pennsylvania and Delaware to settle a debt owed his father by King Charles II.
See More Real Estate Trivia >

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